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We guess a lot of the albums coming out now are a result of time under lockdown. But for Another Time Another Dimension that was not the case. The impetus came from two other sources.

One was due to an old Brainiac 5 track popping up on random play while listening to music. This prompted an investigation of the archive. We knew a lot of stuff had been lost but were amazed to find how much unreleased material there was.

Secondly the death of Martin Griffin, our long-time friend and associate, sparked the writing of some new material. Martin’s connection predates the Brainiac 5, playing together with Charlie Taylor in their earlier band, The Half Human Band. Throughout the Brainiac 5’s initial incarnation, in Cornwall, Martin was incredibly supportive, allowing us extensive use of his Roach Recording studio and engineering skills. We have always felt a great debt to him. However, the resulting songs may well not be quite like what would be expected. 

The four albums released during our second coming have all garnered many reviews noting our continuing desire to experiment and expand while still maintaining the basic psych/punk ethos. Indeed, the three new tracks here do continue this tradition of experimentation. However, although it is clear that the band has grown and developed over the years it is remarkable just how much we were experimenting right from the band’s inception.

The ten tracks from our initial Cornwall period (1976-1980) include six by our first line up with Bert Biscoe and four with the following line up with Richard Booth. You get to hear the early range of the music with the punk of I Feel Good, the reggae of I Call Your Name, the psych jamming of The Warning, the oddness of Dancing in the Sun and Khazi Persona and even two very spirited covers in the shape of Tobacco Road and Do Ya.

The band’s long “wilderness years” (1981-2012) get covered by a USA recorded track of Charlie Taylor’s, Pain In A Bowl, while the current live line-up gets a track, Sludge.

Of the three new tracks one, Never Say Never, is by a stripped-down Brainiac 5 featuring three of the original members, Bert Biscoe, Charlie Taylor and John “Woody” Wood, whilst the remaining two feature the Brainiac Family that appeared on our last album, Back to Shore.

There is a lot of ground covered here, hang on and enjoy the ride.


Some reviews of past albums:

This is acid punk at its best. **** R2

Spunky, compelling, and liberating. **** Shindig

It’s like finding something you never knew you’d lost. The Wire

Takes progressive music to fearless outer limits. Prog

Such wide-ranging musical madness seems the most natural thing in the world. Dancing About Architecture

Strap yourselves in for a cosmic ride. Classic Rock